Courses and Workshops

Anodizing for Aerospace

Workshops and Courses hosted by the International Surface Finishing Academy are highly sought after throughout the North American Surface Finishing industry. Our experienced instructors are among some of the most experienced, and respected professionals in their field. Through our courses and workshops, the ISFA strives to offer the perfect platform for our expert instructors to share their experience and expertise in a meaningful way with their students. The expected result is that all ISFA students will increase their technical knowledge in ways that pays dividends throughout their career through the application of their training, and enhanced understanding in their day to day trouble shooting, problem solving, and operational situations.

In order to provide convenient and cost-effective educational opportunities, ISFA courses and workshops are hosted in various key cities around North America at different dates throughout the year, in order to reduce the need for expensive long-distance travel. To further reduce costs for our students and their employers our courses and workshops are typically one- and two-day programs, which helps minimize time away from their operations. Another way the ISFA helps reduce the costs of our participants is that we always look for venues and locations that offer quality but cost-effective facilities to host our programs. In the end the total cost of a quality training program should always be easily recovered through the day to day application of the concepts, techniques, and tips learned by the students in our training programs.

Finally, please remember that our commitment to our students doesn’t end when the course is over. Our instructors and administrative team are committed be there for our alumni for years to come after the course is over to provide guidance, advice, and assistance whenever needed for any of our past students. Register today for one of our programs and take the next step toward enhancing your technical knowledge and furthering your career in the Surface Finishing Industry.