International Surface Finishing Academy Announces 2010 Introduction to Anodizing Workshop Dates and Locations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rutherfordton, NC   The International Surface Finishing Academy (ISFA) recently announced dates and locations for the 2010 North American Tour of the popular “Introduction to Anodizing” workshop series. This workshop is instructed by the internationally respected, Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl and will cover the fundamentals of all types of sulfuric anodizing, from both the commercial, and industrial perspectives.

The two day workshop is designed to increase the knowledge and ability of anyone involved in operating an anodizing line. With an emphasis on quality, the program takes students though the entire process from beginning to end, starting with the metallurgical properties of aluminum alloys commonly anodized, and going right through to the final rinse and sealing processes.  Completion of this ISFA Workshop will provide students with a well rounded understanding of practical anodizing, supported up by an expanded knowledge about the fundamentals of anodizing in sulfuric acid.

Dr. Juhl is an industry leader and professional consultant to the aluminum and anodizing sectors around the world. She holds a PhD in advanced anodizing technology and has over 15 years of working experience as a chemical engineering professional.  She has written dozens of technical articles, authored a book on Pulse Anodizing, is a sitting board member of the AAC, and gives frequent talks to aluminum and anodizing industry events around the world. To learn more about Dr. Juhl and her professional activities please visit her websites:,

Locations and dates for the 2010 workshops are as follows:

Phoenix, AZ  January 25-26
San Jose, CA  February 17-18
Chicago, IL  May 11-12
San Diego, CA  August 17-18
Mystic, CT  September 7-8
Charleston, SC October 4-5
Jupiter, FL  November 16-17
Las Vegas, NV  December 7-8