ASPSS 2023

Aerospace Special Process Suppliers Summit
St. Charles Convention Center, MO
October 10-12, 2023

ASPS 2023 Program at a Glance

B2B One to One Meetings

The program will offer all participants the opportunity to sign up, identify and request meetings with relevant contacts prior to the event. Meeting schedules, based on those choices, will be pre-arranged and held at the venue.

These one-to-one scheduled meetings with qualified buyers are designed to put you in front of the people that want and need to see you. And it is all arranged in advance eliminating much of the wasted time and expense of traditional conferences, expos and industry events.

Anodizing for Aerospace
2 day Course

ASPSS 2023 will feature the Internationally recognized two-day “Anodizing for Aerospace” course taught by Industry expert and longtime ISFA anodizing Instructor Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl. 

The course will cover aluminum metallurgy, Types 1, 2 and 3 anodizing processing and related chemical conversion coatings with a special focus on aerospace processing specifications designed to convey the distinctions necessary to comply with the requirements of the major primes such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Lockheed and others.

Industry Update Forum

ASPS will host informative and educational presentations presented by special arrangemnt with certain suppliers that will focus on new technologies, products, processes and proceedures related to the Special Processes of Aerospace manufacutring. 

This forum will allow a limited number of suppliers to reach an audience of professionals willing to increase and optimize their market knowledge. These presentations ar elimited and will be held in parallel to the meetings.

Hotel and Logistics

Hotel Booking

Advanced business events has granted Group Travels Associates full exclusivity for housing related to this ASPSS. We strongly recommend you make all your bookings through our partner as this is the best way for you to save a great amount of dollars

Participants Guide

ASPSS participants guide is aimed at all the participants and provides information about booths dimensions, furniture, shipping and more. In just 5 pages you’ll find the information you just need. Also be sure to read the safety rules.


ASPSS 2023 Registration

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