International Surface Finishing Academy

The mission of the International Surface Finishing Academy is to provide high quality educational experiences for the Industrial Surface Finishing industry through our Workshops, Courses, and B2B meetings hosted throughout North America each year.

ISFA offers technical training and professional networking events for the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, and Consumer Products manufacturers of North America in areas such as: Powder Coating, Electroplating, Anodizing, Precision Cleaning, and NADCAP Special Processes – to name a few.

Supplying the highest quality training programs possible is something we take very seriously at the ISFA. We are committed to offering each of our students an education that is in step with the current demands of the Surface Finishing Industry. We keep a watchful eye on leading edge industry developments to ensure that our students receive up to date, and timely information so they receive the education they need to meet the challenges of an evolving industry. The overall goal for each of our students is to increase their technical knowledge in a way that helps them move to the next level of their professional career.

Our commitment to our students and our industry doesn’t end when the course is over. Our instructors and administrative team are committed be there for our alumni for years to come after the course or event is over by providing guidance, advice, and assistance whenever needed for any of our past students. And the ISFA understands the importance of fostering professional interaction within our industry; thus, our students are encouraged and assisted in enhancing their learning experience through continued interaction with their peers, instructors and through participation in industry associations.